I am dedicated to helping new and established business owners take care of all the details they need to grow and be successful. Browse my site to see the type of services I offer and get in touch to book a free consultation.

About Virtual Nakamura

Streamedlined Efficiency

I will be making work more enjoyable by taking care of the most time consuming aspects of your business. Allowing you to pursue and be present for tasks you didn’t have the time for.  Walk me through your goals and objectives, as your assistant I will go above and beyond to ensure your success. I will make sure to communicate with you throughout the week and keep you updated with tasks and offer additional business insight. I am here to help you stay organized, keep you on track for your projects and achieve goals set out for your company.

What Can I Do For You?

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Administrative Support

I will help you manage your calendar, booking appointments and calls. If you have any travel arrangements that you need taken care of or managing databases or file management.  Even helping out with personal online shopping or sending cards or gifts! 

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Email Management

I will help you organize your inbox by flagging important messages for you,  following up on sent emails, deleting your spam, unsubscribe you from unwanted promotional lists.  If you need any messages forwarded and inquiries to other team members. I can reply to common questions you receive and archive emails!

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Social Media Management

I can keep the conversation going by creating giveaways and contests, promoting  new posts across all your platforms, sharing medias, and replying to any mentions, messages or comments. I can help you create posts, set up new pages and even design banners for you.

Project Management

If you have a project you are working on and need assistance in managing it to make sure everything is being done on time and right, I have your back. I can also help create a plan for your project that will include resources you can use, what you need, and set up due dates. It can be a launching event for your brand or a product, an internal project for your business, or team management.

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Organized and Efficient

"Wow!! Wow really sums up the amazing help I've received from this social media guru. Damaris has helped me tremendously with my social media. She has helped motivate me to be more productive with launching my business in the social media world. She is very professional and easy to work with. Once she gets to know your style, she is perfect at organizing your social media to your standards while posting consecutively. She just all around a great helper and an amazing person!!! Thank you Damaris" 

Thaiz A.

High Nails

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Virtual and Reliable

“So recently, I just started a new business and it became so stressful and overwhelming to keep track of everything. Between emails, appointments, orders, bills, customers and contacts; you name it, talk about take a breath. But once I found Virtual Nakamura omg life saver. Like besides the fact that she's a bomb assistant, she's VIRTUAL!! Like times have changed so much and I love that I have someone I can trust to help me with important information and all without having to leave my house all the time. All my emails, dates and orders all managed for me which leaves me so much more time to actually work on my business. Virtual Nakamura thanks so much.״ 

Phlysha C.

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"I am satisfied with the Virtual Nakamura service for their creative designs in the newsletters and designs for me."  

Janet K.

Mary Kay Sales Director

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