Services & Pricing

Below will be lists of services offered, the packages I have set up apply only to for administrative support, email management, and social media management. If there is something that is not listed please let me know what service it is you need so I can accommodate that service for you.

Project management is a service I offer, that we will have to discuss your needs to determine pricing.

Services Offered

Administrative Support Icon

Administrative Support

  • Managing calendar/ schedule

  • Building or managing databases

  • Booking appointments and calls

  • Making travel arrangements

  • Monitoring voicemail

  • File management ( in Google Drive, Dropbox, etc) 

  • Preparing agendas

  • Sending cards/ gifts ( for holidays, thank you’s, milestone events, etc)

  • Personal online shopping

  • Setting up spreadsheets

  • PDF conversions

Customer Support Icon

Email Management

  • Setting up Gmail or any other email client

  • Replying to common questions

  • Flagging important messages that need a reply

  • Following up on sent emails

  • Deleting spam

  • Unsubscribing from unwanted promotional lists

  • Tagging and archiving emails

  • Forwarding messages and inquiries to other team members

  • Using email plugins to optimize 

  • Drafting response

Social Media Management Icon

Social Media Management

  • Setting up new pages, accounts, groups, etc.

  • Promoting new posts across various social media channels

  • Keeping the conversation going via social media 

  • Sharing images/ videos/ articles

  • Replying to mentions/ messages/ comments on social media

  • Designing banners, headers, and backgrounds

  • Growing social media followings

  • Creating giveaways and contests

  • Researching popular hashtags for client’s niche

  • Uploading content to social scheduling tools

  • Updating online business profiles

  • Managing online communities


Packages can be customized and tailored to your specific needs. The great thing is Virtual Nakamura is budget friendly! Meaning if you need support and you are on a budget we can work on creating a package plan that fits your budget! If there isn't a package here to suit your preference and/or have a project you are working on, please get in touch to see how we can work to your requirements.

*All Packages Are 3 Months Contract Minimum*

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Just Getting Started

15 Hours a Month


per month

If you are just starting up a business and/or only need assistance with a couple tasks that you want to take off your to do list than this is the package for you.




- 1 Hour meeting per week 


- 1 Main service category  

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Leveling Up

30 Hours a Month

If you have started your business and you feel the back end business task are cutting time out of your week which could be better spent focusing on other aspects of your business or relaxing.




- 2 (1 hour) meetings per week 


- 2 Main services 


per month

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Suitable for Your Needs

If your workload has become too heavy to manage solo and in need of full assistance in taking the load off. This package will support the most time consuming tasks.




- 10 meetings a month 


- 3 Main services 


Everything You Need